Corridor History

Efforts to improve Southeast Boulevard and Barney Circle include the following key milestones:

Middle Anacostia River Crossings Transportation (MAC) Study — Acknowledging that the 11th Street Bridge and South Capitol Street projects would redirect significant amounts of regional traffic away from the Southeast Freeway, the MAC study identified an opportunity to convert the Southeast Freeway to a surface boulevard more consistent with its neighborhood context.
DDOT coordinated with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to withdraw the portion of Interstate 295/Southeast Freeway between Interstate 695 and Barney Circle from the Interstate Highway System.
An Environmental Assessment (EA) was initiated but put on hold based on public input expressing a strong desire to understand the land use implications of the proposed improvements.
Southeast Boulevard Planning Study — This DC Office of Planning study was a land use, urban design, and planning document describing and illustrating three possible concepts for improving roadway, bicycle, and pedestrian connectivity. It also evaluated land use changes possible by redeveloping portions of the transportation right-of-way between the 11th Street Bridge and Barney Circle.
Southeast Boulevard Feasibility Study — This DDOT study evaluated the 2015 Planning Study concepts to identify any fatal flaws. It concluded that the project, as envisioned, is achievable and recommended moving forward with federal environmental studies to advance the Planning Study’s transportation concepts.
EA process resumes.